Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lots of Changes

Hi all,

Beginning in September a few changes have been made by the leadership of the FWA. First, to keep expenses in control the quarterly newsletter distribution will be limited to members. If leaders want to have more copies to distribute to local libraries and bookstores or at meetings, they can still request a number to be shipped to them. There was a consensus that instead of using the magazine as a leave behind, we would use a newly designed brochure. The printing and mailing costs of this is much less expensive. If you are planning on going to a conference or book signing and want to order these, contact Chrissy Jackson, Dan Griffith, or me.

Second, if you an FWA member you should have received an invitation to join a new website called FWA Network. It is a member only area similar to "Facebook". Access the first time is through invitation only. There will be groups of interest you can join, share pictures, blog, and set up your own groups meeting space. So far I've joined Mystery Writers, and Osceola Writers. If you are an Osceola FWA member but haven't had an invite, email Jerri and I will get you hooked up.

By now you probably know that the FWA Conference is beginning November 14 in Lake Mary, FL. You can still sign up and participate in this fantastic networking, learning event. If you have a book or story to pitch, there will be agents and editors present representing their businesses.

The October meeting is schedules for October 9. Screenwriter, Pat Semlar, is giving a presentation on "Using Scensory Details in your Prose". We have also invited local poet Calvin Terrell to read and give us pointers on the poetry we wrote about childhood memories. I'll see you there.