Sunday, March 02, 2008

March meeting agenda

Hope everyone has been enjoying the cool weather. For me it is a refreshing break from the rest of the year. Others who moved here to escape the cold are just tolerating it.

After taking the surveys, we have many new items to discuss at the March meeting so I hope you can participate. I think you will enjoy the new directions we hope to take to make the organization even more dynamic.

Remember in March the meeting will be on the second Tuesday, which is March 11. In April we will resume with the second Thursdays.

Here is what's on the agenda for March:

What's been happening?
Survey results - Jerri
Open Mic - Vicki, Jerri
Community Outreach - discussion
Announcements - all
Events - all
Committees -
Community Outreach
Open Mic and readings
Field Trips and Visitations
Critique Forum
Critique Forum - Lara, Jerri, Vicki

Come with ideas and an inkling of which committees you may be interested in. We may all need to participate on more than one committee to achieve our goals. I know that some of our goals for this year are mighty lofty but it is exciting that we are thinking about them. That is the first step to getting there. Several of us agreed that we wanted to participate in contests, get the word out in the community about our group, have guest speakers, and take occasional field trips. Some of us are already working on some of this and we will share at the meeting.

See you all on the eleventh.