Monday, January 28, 2008

Goals for 2008

Hi Everyone,

Jerri Fenton invited me to co-chair our One Word At A Time writers group with her and I’ve accepted with much heart felt gratitude and honor. It is a pleasure to assist her in leading this very talented, dynamic and diverse group of writers.

A big thank you to all our members who returned the annual goal surveys! From these surveys, Jerri and I were able to compile your feedback and realize the need and desire to take our group into new directions and challenges.

Over the next year, new directions and challenges will include using our talent in various ways. Based upon your feedback to us, we will engage in more active involvement with our community through open “mike” sessions at various locations and interaction with students and interested adults, creation of mini-screenplays to be produced by film students, and creation and publication of an anthology of our works.

We will also connect to our community through a newsletter designed to let people know who we are and what we are doing. All events and activities will be included in the newsletter, as well as, a short biography and photo (optional) of each of us.

For the same purpose and to increase membership, we will reach out to other writers with this blog detailing our events, activities, and meeting information. The same short bio and photo for the newsletter will be used here also.

Because our talent and strength as a group can support the less fortunate or weaker, Jerri and I would like to see us take on a community project where we can endorse and support a worthy cause. That worthy cause will be discussed at our February 12 meeting scheduled for Tuesday instead of Thursday, a temporary change due to schedule conflict.

At the February meeting, Lara Zielinsky, author of the novel Turning Point, will teach group members how to format and create a 5 minute script using screenplay format. Don’t miss this valuable training for the student production opportunity!!!

Stay well, write well, live well –
Vicki Riley-Fischer