Sunday, June 03, 2007

Blog Class and Other News


There will be a writer blogging class by Barb Nefer of the Celebration Writer Group. Here is the Information.

Barb's Blogging 101
Saturday, June 9th
10:30AM -11:30AM (or Noon)
PJ's Coffee, located at Water Tower Place, Celebration.
Bring your laptop if you have one. You can reply to Marcia Rankin @
Other News: Submissions for Celebration Life Magazine
The publisher of Celebration Life magazine is interested in publishing some of our short stories and Celebration articles in his magazine. He will pay $50 per accepted story or article. Celebration Life is a lifestyle magazine providing an educational and fun read for all ages. Readership is 10,000 per month. 4300 are mailed directly to homes and businesses, the rest are picked up from racks around town by tourists, visitors, and locals.
He is interested in short stories for adults in the romance, sci-fi, mystery, and other general genres. He is not looking for poetry or children's stories. The stories should be 1,000 words, more or less, and should be something that can be easily read in 15-20 minutes.
For the articles, he is looking for easy-read, fluffy, non-controversial articles on Celebration, ie town events or Celebration City History. Send original pieces only not recaps of recent articles.
Good luck.