Monday, May 07, 2007

What's your point of view?

April's meeting accomplished much. I came away feeling happy that I've become associated with the Osceola writers interested in improving their craft. Our assignment was to bring examples of dialogue mixed with narrative to make the story interesting, move the story forward, and give the dialogue impact. Everyone participated and brought samples to share. We all read our works and received critiquing from the others. Later Liz Nielson wanted to discuss point of view. We touched on the subject and helped newcomer, Besa Kosova, analyze her point of view on her interesting work in progress.

I was thrilled to see Liz Nielson and Vicki Fischer who have both been unable to attend for most of the fall and winter. Welcome newcomer,Besa! I hope to see you again this week. Wow to everyone on their fantastic writing skills!

Now I want to invite everyone to May's meeting, which is this Thursday, May 10. Why don't we continue studying about point of view. If you can, bring samples or definitions you can find on the subject to share. They can be your own work or quotes from others. Many writers find point of view confusing. Maybe we can help clarify the rules. Can the rules be broken? Sometimes in genre writing they can be if the author knows how and has a purpose in doing so. James Patterson is one example. I'll bring one of his books and give some examples.

For our June meeting, I want to focus on increasing our membership. Think about bringing a friend who might be interested in participating in our writer's group. We can bring pieces of work to read. There might even be some prizes awarded!

Hope to see you all Thursday!