Friday, November 24, 2006

Fantastic Conference

Kudos to all the FWA team who put together another great FWA annual conference. I heard there were over 200 attendees. Special thanks to Osceola members Liz Nielson who managed the book store,and Marcia Rankin who coordinated the classes. She made sure the instructors got to the right place at the right time and that the classroom facilities were functional. Others in attendance from One Word at a Time were Christine Johnson, Alan Southerland, and Jerri Fenton. It was nice to see familiar faces, get reacquainted with some of the members I met at the last conference. The Florida Writer's motto "Writers helping writers" was certainly in full force. I met some interesting people who I would like to come speak to our group--more on this later.

Exciting new changes in the FWA organization were announced! Among them are: A new online bookstore, organizational Blogs, E-discussion google groups,a leaders google group,a format and name change for the newsletter, and a new look and format to the website. Check them out. The link is above.

FWA President Daniel Griffith gave an inspiring speech at the wrap up of the conference on the subject "Be like little children". He encouraged everyone to be creative, fun loving, curious, spontaneous as are the little children. Take time to see the world around you.

Thank you Dan.